Cedar Creek Water Pollution Control PlantEffluent Treatment & Water Re-use

Design and installation of a new protected water re-use system for SUEZ and New York American Water, Merrick, NY. The project supports both the protected and domestic water systems so that reuse of plant effluent can meet non-potable, protected plant water needs that will significantly reduce the plant’s consumption of city water.

The desired effluent disinfection system includes chlorine, fine strainers Ultraviolet (UV) light systems; and the goals for just the chlorination component is expected to achieve 4 to 5-log reduction of fecal and total coliforms resulting in an effluent fecal coliform count of < 200 MPN/100 ml.

The UV system will be sized for a dose of 100 mJ/sq.cm per Title 22 to achieve up to 5-log polio virus inactivation, more than 3 times the minimum dose of 30 mJ/sq.cm recommended by Ten States Standards for the disinfection of secondary effluent. The combination of both chlorination and UV will produce a highly disinfected effluent meeting the Title 22 standards for 23 MPN disinfected secondary.

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Nassau County DPW
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Completed Project