Skanska/RJ Coney IslandRaw Sewage Pumps CI-119

Replacement of the Main Sewage Pumps and related equipment. Furnish and install new discharge piping, replace six (6) Main Sewage Pumps, demolition of existing suction/discharge piping, installation of new 48″ piping  from Main Sewage Pumps Coney Island Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) in Brooklyn, New York.  Additional work includes the demolition of six existing Main Sewage Pumps (MSPs), shafts, motors, drives, and piping and replacement with vertical centrifugal dry pit pumps, 600 HP motors and eddy current drives and vertical shaft; demolition and replacement of the MSP seal water system, actuated sluice gates, sump pump system; installation of a new Flood Recovery Pump system; demolition of the decommissioned chemical storage tanks, piping, pumps and appurtenances in the chemical and de-chlorination rooms; as well as structural, MPT, architectural, electrical, instrumentation and controls, HVAC and plumbing, and fire protection work to support the pump replacement.

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